First constructions at La Teste in the Eyrac district

In the Eyrac district, in La Teste, there was nothing but fisherman's huts to be found at the start of the 19th century. Within half a century, the place had changed almost beyond recognition. The man responsible for this dramatic change was François Legallais, who built a a luxury hotel near to the beach in 1823. Those brave enough to come for a swim in the sea, though tired by a day-long journey to get there enom Bordeaux, were rewarded by a pleasant stay.

In 1836, a Bordeaux-based painter called Tindel opened another hotel nearby, called "Les nouveaux bains d'Arcachon" (Arcachon's new baths). The hotel had many appealing features, including sea baths - both hot and cold, of course - but it also offered more unusual activities, such as camel rides.

The Hôtel Tindel acquired new owners and was renamed the Hôtel

Gaillard. In 1849, a casino was added to it. This allowed wealthy members of society to enjoy various activities: in addition to bathing, they danced, read and particularly played cards. Modern tourism was born.

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