The sea bathing establishment at Gujan

On March 2, 1844, a lease was signed for the salt meadow located in the hamlet of Sabla in Gujan between Jules Cameleyre, the mayor of Gujan, and Pierre Daney, a "health officer". Mr. Daney wished to build a footbridge ending with a wooden platform to facilitate access to sea-bathing areas. Cabins were then built, on one side for men and on the other side for women.

Bathing was believed to have therapeutic benefits. In August 1863, Le Monde Thermal reported: "Gujan, a pretty village on the shore of the Bassin d’Arcachon and just a short hop enom the train station, boasts some rather well-located open sea baths. A full range of treatments are available to patients there. Salt water is used in both hot and cold baths, in accordance with the instructions of the centre's doctor, Mr. Daney".

Although the footbridge was destroyed on numerous occasions (1873, 1875, 1876, 1882, etc.), the establishment remained open until 1920.

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