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Thanks to:

Valerie Sutra, the Arcachon Tourist Office has contributed to the achievement of videos.

Jean Dubroca, who kindly provided access to its chronic live broadcast on Radio Côte d'Argent.

Mr. and Mrs. Chevallier who opened the doors of the Villa Marguerite in Arcachon.

Jean-Charles Cappronnier for its historical and iconographic documentation on the open-air sanatorium of Ares.

Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs of Aquitaine, for allowing us to consult the census records of protected historical monuments of the Gironde coast.

National Archives of Fontainebleau, which preserve the archives of the Touring Club of France and the record of the Ordre de la Légion d'Honneur nomination of Marie Bartette.

The staff of the Archives départementales de Gironde.